Here are some of Elon Musk sparked controversies:

1. As a guest on a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan, Elon Musk smoked weed on camera after being positive that it is legal in California to smoke marijuana.

2. After British diver Vern Unsworth,  who aided the Thai cavern salvage of 12 young men and their guide in July, Musk mindlessly tweeted that Vern was a ‘pedo fellow’ which angered a lot of people on Twitter who called him out on his utterly stupid and disrespectful remarks. 

3. In May 2020, Musk posted a seven-word tweet saying ‘Tesla cost is too high IMO’ which caused Tesla’s cost to crash by 9%.

4. Irritated by negative press on Tesla’s Model 3 Car, after major road accidents took place in 2018, Musk went against journalists and news media threating them that he would launch a website called ‘Pravda’ to rate journalist’s credibility.

5. Musk’s response to the coronavirus lockdown has been bizarre to say the least. He echoed right-wing anti-lockdown opinions by tweeting ”FREE AMERICA NOW”. He also inaccurately and foolishly predicted that “there will probably be close-to-zero cases in the U.S by the end of April” which as we all know turned out to be wrong. 

6. In 2017, Musk criticized public transportation saying it’s inadequate as it doesn’t take us exactly where we want to go and we have to share space with a large group of “random strangers”. People on Twitter called him out for his snobbish, elitist comments which he didn’t take too kindly.

7. Musk’s careless tweet saying “Pronouns suck” caused anger among the LGBTQ+ community. Further, people were enraged after his response to the criticism which was along the lines “I totally support trans people but pronouns are an esthetic nightmare”. Twitter users saw it as an attack on marginalized communities.