Favorites of Musk

Books – Nine-year old Elon loved Douglas Adam’s ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’ and stated that the book was highly influential in shaping his formative years. Elon is a certified book worm and loves having a book to relax with after a busy day. Here are a few books that Elon Musk highly recommends to his fans – Foundation series, Stranger in a Strange Land, Lord Of The Rings, Einstein: His Life and Universe. 
Video Games and Technology – In addition and not to one’s surprise, he is an avid gamer. Attributing his interest in computers and technology, some of his favorite video games include Overwatch, Deus Ex, Fallout, The Mass Effect series, BioShock etc. He has got a great taste! Musk believes that reality could be a very sophisticated video game. Surreal!
Hobbies  – Occasionally, Elon likes to throw parties for his close friends as well. Recalling Musk’s previous birthday celebrations, he had guests over in a rented castle in England where everyone supposedly played hide-and-seek. A modern renaissance man, pioneer of some of the most futuristic inventions and ideas, Elon still enjoys baking on a lazy Sunday morning. 
Cinema, TV Shows and Entertainment – Despite his strenuous schedule, Elon still manages to find time to binge watch TV shows on Netflix and HBO. In a couple of interviews, he has revealed that he has seen the entirety of Silicon Valley (the series), which centers on fictional tech company, and Black Mirror, which explores humanity’s relationship with technology. According to Forbes magazine, Elon enjoys anime and loved the Makoto Shinkai movie Your Name. He is also a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. He loved spending his weekends watching Death Note and Neon Genesis Evangelion with his now ex-girlfriend and musician Grimes. He also likes historical documentaries.
Food and Beverage – On a Reddit AMA thread, Elon revealed that his favorite food is ‘French and BBQ’ and his go-to midnight snack is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. His favorite alcoholic beverage is Whiskey.