Elon Musk on Building Business

While talking about building his empire, Elon shares how important it is to ask for feedback in any business project. The feedback he received, went a long way in helping Elon create and improve on his ideas. Elon has also always believed in accepting constructive criticism from other’s as it is a crucial part of the learning process. Musk also talks about how every job is important and there’s nothing as a menial job. When he first started working on Tesla, he would put in extra hours and do whatever it took to achieve his goal. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is to share a sense of harmony and co-operation while working as a team as differences among team members can cause disruption in the shared vision. In 2008, Musk explained to PBS how earning money was never his intention when he co-founded, instead he recognized the environmental need to change the way vehicles are powered, so he created an electric automobile company. Elon believes in thinking big and one of the most striking things about Musk’s businesses are how audacious they are. He wants to revolutionize the automobile industry, colonize Mars, build super-fast trains in vacuum tunnels and integrate AI into human brains and upend the solar power and battery industries. He also believes in focusing his attention on stuff that really matters.